If you believe that Gateway Classic Cars is engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity by not disclosing to its consignors that 12.5% minimum commission they’ve agreed to relinquish will always be collected by assigning to the buyer’s purchase contract an 11% buyer’s fee, and that they have been intentionally deceptive by always attempting to collect up to 23.5% profit by asking the consignor to take less than their original Net to Over, even if the offer will net a 12.5% commission, then you can work to end or correct that fraudulent practice by contacting their partners and the State Attorney General offices in the states where they are located.

These companies and states benefit by not being associated with deceptive companies. Direct these partners and agencies to review this website, share your stories and consignment and purchase documents, and demand that they investigate Gateway Classic Cars and their holding companies immediately.



  • Arizona (online fraud report form)
  • Colorado (online fraud report form)
  • Florida (online fraud report form)
  • Georgia (online fraud report form)
  • Illinois (online fraud report form)
  • Indiana (online fraud report form)
  • Kansas (online fraud report form)
  • Kentucky – Consumer Protection Hotline – 888-432-9257
  • Michigan (online fraud report form)
  • Missouri – Consumer Protection Hotline – 800-392-8222
  • Nevada – Consumer Protection Hotline – 702-486-3132
  • New Jersey – Consumer Protection Hotline – 609-984-5828
  • Tennessee (online fraud report form)
  • Texas – Consumer Protection Hotline – 800-892-8348
  • Wisconsin (online fraud report form)

I would also like to hear your stories about your experience at Gateway Classic Cars. Post a comment below so that others will be aware of how this organization operate.

If you don’t believe this website that has been put together by a 2018 top salesperson at Gateway Classic Cars of Saint Louis, then just read the reviews of other people who have worked there at Glassdoor.COM and Indeed.COM.